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About CNPM

We represent the business environment organization that promotes and defends the legitimate interests of its members in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities.

Currently, we gather 32 members, of which 19 are federations strong>, employer and professional associations as well as 13 enterprises, which represent the key sectors of the national economy. In total, we represent around 3,000 enterprises.

We are an apolitical, independent, non-governmental and non-profit employers’ organization.

We have been promoting the voice of the business environment consistently and professionally since 1996.

We have been a member of the International Organization of Employers since 1997.

We support our members through LOBBY and ADVOCACY activities.


The CNPM external occupational health and safety service offers you the following options:

Risk assessment

Evaluation of the risks of occupational injury and illness by identifying hazards and assessing risks for each component of the work system including those groups sensitive to specific risks;

Introductory tutorial

Carrying out general introductory training, checking knowledge in the field of OSH for staff categories, as well as completing individual training sheets;< /span>

Training leaders

Training of workplace managers regarding the organization of occupational health and safety activities at the company level;< /p>

Developing instructions

Elaboration of own instructions for completing and/or applying safety and health regulations at work, taking into account the particularities of the activities and of the unit/enterprise, as well as of the jobs/jobs;

Prevention Plan

Participation in the preparation of the prevention and protection plan composed of technical, sanitary, organizational, and other measures based on the evaluation risks;

Setting assignments

Establishing the duties and responsibilities in the field of safety and health at work, which fall to workers, corresponding to the functions exercised, which are recorded in the job description, with the employer’s approval;

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