About the CNPM

We, the CNPM, are an organisation that represents the business community and defends the legitimate interests of its members in relationships with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities.

At present, we bring together 25 members, among which 15 employers federations and  associations and 10  enterprises operating in the key sectors of the national economy. Overall, we represent about 3000 enterprises.

  •  We are an apolitical, independent, non-governmental and non-profit employers organization.
  •  We have been making the voice of  business heard in a consistent and professional manner since 1996.
  •  We have been  a member of the International  Organisation of Employers since 1997.
  •  We support our members through LOBBY and ADVOCACY.

In our role of social partner of the Government:

–          we represent the interests of  business community within the  governmental platforms;

–          we promote recommendations on improving the legal framework and policies;

–          we bring forward  „pro-business” proposals for the Government Action Plans;

–          we revise and endorse draft laws, public policies and national strategies that have an economic and social impact;

–          we defend the rights and represent the interests of employers in collective bargaining;

  • We offer services to support the development of our members professional capacities.
  • We collaborate with international structures such as the International Labour Organisation, the Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme, SEQUA, Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V, the United Nations Development Programmeetc. 
  • We represent the business within the platforms created for the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement. 
  • We cooperate with similar organisations from Romania, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Germany, Spain, etc.