Affiliation advantages

Upon affiliation to the CNPM, the members will have the possibility to participate and benefit from the following options:

Participation at national level in:

–         the development of the legislative framework on social-economic sphere through consulting the legislative initiatives of public authorities;

–         workgroups, permanent and ad-hock committees and councils responsible for pro-business policies;

–         bargaining of collective agreements (national level);

–         board of administration of some state public institutions, such as the National Social Insurance House, the National Medical Insurance Company, etc.


–         legal assistance in all issues related to employers’ rights;

–         assistance in specific areas, such as labor relations, occupational safety and health;

–         assistance in the negotiation of collective labor contracts and in relations with the trade unions;

–         assistance in notifying the government institutions, as well as international organizations, such as the International Labor Organization.


–         provision of communication resources – e-mails;

–         provision of important information regarding the legislation regulating entrepreneurial activity, labor relations and other issues;

–         provision of platforms within which the members will communicate among themselves to exchange information and experience;

–         publication of studies and guidelines to support the activity of businesses.


–         Participation of the CNPM members in training courses.

Power and solidarity of a large organization 

Adherence to international community