The CNPM supports the provision of services in oncology area and by private institutions


The National Confederation of Employers (CNPM), besides its member – Union of Private Medical and Sanitary Institutions of the Republic of Moldova (UIMSP) through active promotion managed to obtain adoption in first reading of the draft law that foresees demonopolization of the oncological service in the country.

“At the request of our member we got involved in promotion of the draft law no 411, registered in the Parliament by a group of deputies almost 3 years ago. A legal provision states that if the draft law was not approved in three years since its registration, then it is eliminated. However, our members are interested in offering qualitative oncological services”, says Vladislav Caminschi, the executive director of the CNPM.

“Statistics of oncological diseases in Moldova are sad. Cancer mortality is growing, being the second most frequent after cardiovascular diseases, while in most European countries it decreases. Participation of private health care institutions in reports of providing medical services to patients with oncological diseases is a widespread practice in countries around the world. Despite global and regional experience, which confirms that private clinics offer up-to-date services to oncological patients in Moldova the law continues to exclude the participation of private medical institutions in providing treatment to the patients with cancer”, says Aliona Grosu, the executive director of UIMSP.

The UIMSP and CNPM attended the parliamentary committee meeting where after long debates was agreed to adopt in the first reading of the draft law as a concept, and for the second reading to prepare clear regulations.

Representatives of the Oncological Institute opposed to the change, affirming that there is a risk that private institutions will be limited to the simplest and most demanding procedures.

Finally, on October 19 the Parliament voted the draft in first reading.

Countries with strong economy, such as USA, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and France as well as countries with economies in development show a positive practice in treatment of cancer by the private sector.

According to the data offered by the Oncological Institute, in 2016 in the Republic of Moldova more than 52,000 people diagnosed with cancer were found at doctors’ records. In same period, primary detected 9 thousand cases. At the same time over 5000 patients, die annually because of this illness.