How to become a member


How to become a member

To become a CNPM member, it is necessary to fill in an application form, following the template attached. The following shall be attached to the application:

  • A copy of the Registration Certificate;
  • A copy of the Statute;
  • A copy of the decision of the body empowered to decide upon joining the Confederation.

The Board of Administration shall decide upon accepting a new member during its first meeting following the application submission. A representative of the organization filling in the application shall be invited to the meeting. Following the meeting, the Executive Department shall issue a decision and submit it to the applicant.

The accession fee and membership fee is established annually by the Board of Administration. If a member joins the Confederation during the year, the membership fee shall be calculated proportionally to the remaining months of the year.

Applications shall be submitted to the Executive Department:



The National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova (CNPM)

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tel.: +373 22 22-23-01

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