Prima Purpose and main objectives

Purpose and main objectives

Our main objectives are: –          to promote employers’ solidarity and to facilitate the coherent participation of employers’ organizations in the economic development; –          to participate in social dialogue and in the development and consultation of draft laws, by-laws, government programs and policies which are of interest to its members and influence the economic activity of employers; –          to appoint its representatives in tripartite structures for negotiating and concluding general collective agreements and settling collective labor disputes at national level; –          to collaborate with public authorities in setting taxes, tariffs, prices for goods and services; –          to promote commercial polices that meet the interests of the Confederation members on third markets; –          to promote exports, foreign investments attraction and participation in international cooperation; –          to combat unfair competition phenomena and monopoly trends, and to promote a good understanding and trust between the business partners; –          to support members by organizing conferences, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, contests, and other collective events of common interest, as well as by publishing specialized publications; –          to collect, process and disseminate information about:

  • the economic, financial-banking, currency, fiscal, commercial and customs related legislation and policy of the Republic Moldova and of other states, the market of which is of interest to the Confederation members;
  • market orientation and trends;
  • the evolution of scientific research, as well as the development of technologies in different areas;
  • management theory and practice under market economy conditions.

–          to facilitate the obtaining of services by its members, including through the involvement of institutions specialized in consulting, information technologies, marketing studies, and others for the purpose of enabling members to ground their decisions, carry out tests (expertise), get legal assistance etc; –          to establish relations with the mass media; –          to collaborate with similar employers federations and confederations from abroad; –          to promote and protect the interests of its members at international level by:

  • establishing collaboration relations with similar employers’ organizations from other countries;
  • joining similar international employers’ organisations;

supporting the participation of its members in the reunions of international organizations.

The CNPM aims to promote, defend and represent employers’ rights and interests in their relations with state authorities, trade unions and third parties at national and international level.

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