President’ message

CNPM President

To develop a veritable market economy within a short period of time, the Republic of Moldova needs to reach a national consensus on the strategic directions of the economic policy development, which can be achieved through an efficient collaboration with the business environment.

The private sector, associated in a single structure, as in other transition countries, was created after 1990s. Although this period was a difficult one, the Confederation members believed that as soon as the rule of law and market economy standards are carried out in practice, the role of employers’ organizations as social partners would become more and more important, and the Confederation would be better prepared to perform this role to the interest of employers’ organizations and of the representatives of business environment, in general.

Over the past years, the Confederation has become more visible through the events it participates in and through actions for supporting and promoting the common employers’ point of view regarding the complex social and economic problems which are currently faced by the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, the CNPM has been playing an active part in the social and economic life of the country, being recognized as one of the three partners involved in the social dialogue at national level, and namely, the Government – Employers’ Organisations – Trade Unions. At the same time, we should underline that the independent character of the Confederation’s activity without involving in the political life, has been one of the success factors.

One of the key principles of the Confederation is to involve in its management bodies persons who stimulate the economic progress, create new jobs and thus, contribute to the development and the future of the country.

The experience gained during our activity allows us to more effectively elucidate what is necessary to undertake in order to promote our image and increase the role of our organization nationally and internationally.

I believe that the words stated above will convince employers about the need to strengthen the employers’ organisations, which should be supported accordingly.

There is no doubt that any government wishing to have a more functional market economy must take into account those who produce the goods of the country, and finally, assume responsibility for the day of tomorrow.