The CNPM on international level

The CNPM promotes the interests of its members at international level through the International Organization of Employers (IOE), whose member it has been since 1997. Through this organization, the CNPM obtains documentary materials and exchanges experience, as well as participates in different international tripartite reunions. The IOE also serves as a bridge connecting the CNPM with similar organizations throughout the world.

 From its very foundation, the CNPM has been participating together with the trade unions and Government in the International Labor Conference. 

The CNPM established a fruitful collaboration with the sub-regional Office of the International Labor Organization in Budapest. The support provided by this organization is essential and refers to the multi-dimensional framework in which the employers’ organizations operate.

During its activity, the Confederation signed cooperation agreements with similar employers’ organizations from other countries, such as:

  • The Confederation of Entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan;
  • The National Union of Romanian Employers;
  • The Employers’ Organization of Poland;
  • The Employers’ Association of Valencia;
  • The Eastern Committee of German Economy.

Also, the Confederation represents the business environment of the Republic of Moldova within the “Eastern Partnership” Initiative launched by the European Union and is party to this initiative.