More than 140 of permits were excluded


The number of permits required to conduct activity of an economic agent was considerably reduced. The bill was recently published in the Official Gazette and provides elimination of 140 permits including 18 licences.

The National Confederation of Employers has previously insisted, in its position papers, on reduction of the too many permissive acts and control bodies arguing that this favours the informal economy.

In view of employers, by elimination of many papers will have a direct effect on business environment, thus will reduce time and financial expenses supported by entrepreneurs to obtain these permits.

It is estimated that the private sector will manage to save annually 43 millions of lei and the public sector – over 18 millions of lei.

Following the changes, the total number of permits to initiate an entrepreneurial activity in all areas of activity for 2017 is expected to drop up to 180 documents. In 2015, there were more than 400 permits.

According to the document, areas that will not need licensing are: tourism, driving schools, detectives and private security, architectural activity, etc. Licence is no more needed in the case of persons that are entitled to carry out construction design activities, leading and verification of construction works, laboratory test, internal quality control and construction fund management. These persons will be automatically recognized as certified specialists, if they will hold certificates issued by the accredited certification structures, except cases when the legislation of RM establishes specific mandatory conditions.