Organizational Structure

Organisational structure

The General Assembly is the supreme management body, convened ordinarily, once in every four years, or extraordinarily, as many times as necessary. The elected delegates are appointed by each member of the Confederation, observing the representation rules established by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Administration is the body for general representation and unitary coordination of the Confederation activity, convened at least 4 times per year. Each CNPM member delegates one member and one substitute member to the Board of Administration. The substitute member shows up at the meetings in the absence of the member of the Board of Administration.

The Permanent Bureau is formed of the President, First Vice-President and Vice-Presidents of the Confederation and convenes once a month, upon President’s request.

CNPM President and Vice-presidents are elected by the General Assembly.

The Sections are managed by a Vice-President of the Confederation.

The Executive Department is the administrative body of the CNPM, which ensures the carrying out of the decisions approved by the Board of Administration.

The General Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Administration, upon suggestion of the President and ensures the current management of the Executive Department.