The modifications to the Labour Code were approved by the Government


During the meeting from May 31, the Government has approved the amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Labour Code of the Republic of Moldova. These aim on improving the labour law and ensure the respect of legitimate rights and interests of both parts in labour relation.

All the amendments were proposed within a work group created with the participation of Unions, Ministry of Labour and the National Confederation of Employees.

According to the amendments, the individual labour contract can be signed with a fixed-term for the period of fulfilment of the work obligations of the employee that is absent for unknown reasons. Also from the individual contract will be excluded provisions of the collective labour work and of the internal regulation of the entity regarding the work conditions of the employees. Thus, the employee when hired will receive collective work contract, internal regulations, as well as information on the requirements on safety and health.

Government Press Service informs: “The Labour Code is completed with a new article that regulates the notion of pending. This represents the temporary impossibility to continue the production activity by an entity by a group of employees or by an employee. Compensation of the pending time caused by conditions that do not depend on the employee or employer is carried out in a size of at least 2/3 of the main salary per unit of time set for the employee, and not less than a minimal salary per unit of time for every pending hour. In the case of pending caused by the employer, he is obliged to compensate the salary of the employee. in the same time, if the pending is caused by the employee, he will not be paid for the not working hours”.

The amendments also provide that the employer is obliged to issue free of charge to the employee the certificate of work and salary within the institution.

According to the project, the technical unemployment during a calendar year will not exceed four months and the monthly compensation will constitute 50% of the main salary.

The approved amendments and additions aim to bring in the Labour Code of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the modern requirements of the market economy.