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The new Labor Code was presented to CNPM members

The National Confederation of Employers presented to its members the draft of the new Labor Code. The document was developed at the request of Pavel Filip, Prime Minster of Moldova.

"At the beginning of 2017, Pavel Filip has requested to develop Labor Code on the Economic Council platform besides the prime minister. He has requested to the International Finance Corporation to support the effort to develop a new labor code, which will be more liberal and which will meet the business environment", has informed Vladislav Caminschi, the Executive Director of CNPM.

The need to develop a new Labor Code comes from multiple requests from the business environment. Representatives of business consider that the current Labor Code is bureaucratic in terms of labor relations and some reforms of the current labor legislation represent an involvement in the employer's activity.

"To develop the business environment and the economy of Moldova, a more liberalized Labor Code is required. The new Labor Code does not come to suppress the rights of employees, but to balance the existing position in the regulation of labor relations, rights and interests both of employer and employee. It is desired to maintain those guarantees, which are also recognized internationally for employees. At the same time, the Code offers the employer possibility to have room for maneuver, to exclude excesses, inefficient time costs. Currently we are talking about a draft code that will liberalize the labor relations and their validity, will bring democracy in possibility to conclude fixed term contracts. The expert states that the basis of the new Labor Code were the guarantees that are foreseen in the conventions of the International Labor Organization and in the European directives", says Dorin Josanu, lawyer, expert in labor legislation.

"Draft of the new Labor Code, which was discussed within the CNPM, balances the employer's rights and obligations towards the employee in the existing code the balance tilts more towards the employee. I think it is a good document that after consultations and refinements should be accepted by the Government. We want to have the possibility to keep employees working, to form professional cores because the staff turnover is very high. People migrate. We must have levers to keep them. The respective Code is a more modern and more liberal one. We will send our proposals in the upcoming period, there are things about which, we employers, who work day by day with this document, have another vision", said Alexei Ciorap, human resources director at Supraten joint-stock company.

New draft version of the Labor Code presented to the CNPM is largely the vision of the business environment. In the next period, it will be forwarded to the competent state bodies and to the society for consultations.