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The average salary in dynamic

Evolution of the average salary in national economy is dynamic. Thus, the nominal gross average monthly wages in the 2nd quarter of 2017 - 5636.70 MDL, which demonstrates an increase with 13,2% compared to the 2nd quarter of the last year, in the conditions that the annual inflation rate of 5,9% (wage increase exceeds more than twice the rise in consumer price levels). Growth in the budget sector and the real one is of similar size (13, 2% and respectively 13%). The biggest growth is registered in the sector of Health and the social assistance (+22%), followed by the public administration, protection, compulsory social insurance (+17, 6%). The highest level of salary for the national economy is registered in the sector of Information and communications, followed with financial activities and insurance, production, supply of electricity and thermal energy, gas, hot water and air conditioning.

"The salary growth is determined, in the real sector, by the demand of the labor market. It is confirmed by the situation where the demand for the qualified labor force registers a growth in conditions of insufficient offers. Even under wage growth, the level of work remuneration in Moldova is much lower than the salary level in the EU or Moldova registers a significant exodus of the labor force. Additionally, following the adjustment of energy tariffs, salaries in this sector have also increased. In the budget sector salary growth is a consequence of the policies promoted by the authorities", explains Viorel Girbu, economic expert in the National Confederation of the Employers.