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A work visit was held by an ILO expert to the CNPM

During the period 22-23 august Dragan Radic, senior specialist, employers activities, International Labour Organization (ILO) has come on a work visit to the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova (CNPM). During the visit, the expert was informed about the most important activities held by the CNPM during the last period and he came up with some suggestions.

The expert states that the CNPM should undertake a thorough monitoring of the legislation and should be more insistent when necessary to put pressure on ministries to achieve the results expected by the members.

"The Confederation needs to develop its capacities to conduct economic analysis and the proposals coming from the CNPM must be of the highest quality", said Dragan Radic.

To be mentioned that ILO is a loyal partner of the CNPM that has supported development of the Confederation over many years.