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Social partners held a discussion with UN representatives

The National Confederation of Employers of Moldova (CNPM) together with the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova held a meeting with representatives of United Nations Organization (UNO).

UNs mission is to consult Government of the Republic of Moldova in the process of adoption of the Agenda 2030 to the national context of our country. Those present also discussed their own objectives and the ones that they are ready to support and promote.

George Bouma, team leader, member of Portfolio for Sustainable Development, United Nations Development Program Regional Centre (UNDP) has mentioned that the Republic of Moldova is fully in the process of elaboration of the new National Development Strategies 2030 and the mission comes to contribute to develop as correct as it is possible of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). "The majority of SDG are linked to the policies in economy and social fields and to achieve them the role of confederation and trade union organizations is crucial. At the end of our mission we will come with a report and recommendations to the governors regarding the modalities of implementation of these objectives", mentioned Bouma.

Within the meeting, Vladislav Caminschi, Executive Director of the CNPM has specified that the major problems of economic agents is the lack of qualified employers caused also by the insufficient professional training as well as by the significant difference between wages of the Republic of Moldova and countries from the region. "We consider that youth and women are excessively protected by the Labour law, which creates reluctance to employers to fit these two categories into the workforce. We believe that further the activity of businesses must be de-bureaucratized. We plead for all economic agents to be in equal conditions with all the activity components", said Mr. Caminschi.

Sergiu Sainciuc, vice-president of the CNSM, considers that excessive involvement of foreign investors in the Labour law of the Republic of Moldova affects the rights and interests of employees. "We support the increase of investments and creation of new workplaces that are very necessary at the current stage, but this must not be at the detriment of employees. The Labour law is not the greatest impediment in business development in the Republic of Moldova, but the minimum wage, which is the lowest in the region and makes the workplaces unattractive, including migration", specified Sainciuc.

Representatives of the foreign delegation were interested to find out vision of social partners in opportunities of economic growth, which are the factors that influenced on the decrease the flow of foreign investment in our country and the barriers of employment of youth and women.