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Visit of the Tajikistan delegation to the CNPM

A delegation from Tajikistan has visited the National Confederation of Employees on July 19 2017. The visit took place within a project implemented in this country by the International Labour Organization.

The meeting aimed on exchange of experience and taking over some practices in the field of social dialogue.

"We discussed with our colleagues from Tajikistan about the activity of employers organizations: how they develop their activity, what are the objectives. They were interested to find out how objectives of the CNPM are integrated in the objectives of country development in general, how we contribute to this, which service we provide, through which mechanisms thiks activity is realized", said Mr. Vladislav Caminschi, the executive director of the CNPM.

Delegation was formed by the representatives of national organisation, trade union and representatives of state structures such as Ministry of Labour, etc.

A controversial topic that has been discussed within the meeting is how good that is the state organizations would become members of the employers organization. The Employers organization from Tajikistan has the opinion that people that lead the state organizations will vote in favour of governmental interests. The CNPM considers that exists a risk, but it depends of the enterprises' share. If they represent the minority they wouldn't have great influence.

The CNPM shows its disposability to cooperate as well in the future with the employers' organization from Tajikistan.