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More activities with 12 working hours

Recently the National Confederation of Employees of Moldova has met with social partners in a work group to discuss the proposals of the trade union to modify and complete the collective convention (national level) no 2 "Work and rest hours".

The main reason to start these negotiations is the modification of the Amendment to this Convention that foresees a range of activities that allows working during 12 hours, followed by a pause of 24 hours. Trade unions presented a range of activities that has to be included in this list.

It was proposed to include the following: locksmith, locksmith-electrician, drivers (work drivers that are included in the interventions teams in case of crashes) and a range of professions specific to rail transport.

The parties founded that more professions proposed to be included according to the Occupation Classifier of the Republic of Moldova are practiced as well in other fields of activity where there is no necessity to extend the work up to 12 hours, which in some cases does not comply with international provisions.

After the discussions it was agreed to analyse more detailed and to argument the proposed lists of professions.