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The fiscal and custom policy has been discussed within a meeting

Today, on the 20th of July the fiscal and custom policy has been discussed within a meeting organized by the Ministry of Finance. The meeting aimed on presenting the business project to other interested stakeholders, as well as discussion of their proposals. The meeting started by presenting the key points of the project. Prior to organize this meeting the Ministry of Finance through a request posted on its website established the deadline on the 17th of July for addressing amendments to the developed project. It seems logically that during the above mentioned meeting representatives of the Ministry of Finance would come with an analysis of the submitted proposals in order to discuss all the pros and cons within the meeting and their eventual promotion. However, contrary to the expectations, immediately after a brief presentation of the project representatives of the Ministry of Finance have requested the repeated submission of some eventual comment on the project. In this way the meeting seemed more like an image action initiated by the institution simulate a public consultancy.

National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova proposed in 2 lines proposals to the fiscal and custom policy within the terms established by the Ministry of Finance but even today there is no response to the submitted proposals. The Ministry of Finance has limited its actions to formal listening of submitted proposals within some meetings organized in this sense and informal promotion of own vision on this field important for business environment and citizens. Mr. Leonid Cerescu mentioned even in the beginning of the meeting about the lack of reaction from the side of the Ministry of Finance regarding the proposals submitted by the CNPM. Representatives of the Ministry in the person of the minister Mr. Octavian Armasu reiterated the promise to present comments as soon as it is possible. During the meeting aspects that sparked most of the talks are linked to the applying new rules of calculating the existing deficiencies in the part linked with the rules of calculating the perishability of goods by the economic agents, application of a discriminatory fiscal regime towards the not state assets, income taxation of physical persons from delivery of agricultural products to economic agents, reporting requirements from the side of banking institutions towards fiscal authorities, taxing conditions of the material aid granted by trade unions. None of the submitted proposals was accepted by the line ministry and will not be found in the final document confirming the formality of organizing exercises of this kind of public consultancy.