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The CNPM supports the elimination of job record card

The National Confederation of Employers supports the amendment of the law adopted by the Parliament based on which the job record cards will be eliminated and the employers will no more be obliged to present the staffing states by the to the State Labor Inspectorate.

"The job record card is a document that confirms the professional evolution of the employee, an exchange of information about employers. Previously this document was used to establish social security rights. Now it is no more taken as a basis to establish certain rights. These documents are of strict evidence. To manage these documents the employee is obliged to hold a secure space, safe box to store them, registers of evidence, etc. It's a difficult mechanism to be managed by the employer. The international experience proves that it is possible to work without job record cards. These were replaced by recommendations letters", informed Vladislav Caminschi, Executive Director of the CNPM.

The project approved by the Parliament exempts economic agents from presenting 5 different reports regarding the salary payments and related taxes and some aspects regarding work relations. A single unified report will be presented.

All data will be reported within a unique platform to the State Tax Inspectorate, National House of Social Insurance, National Medical Insurance Company. This modification comes to exclude the duplication of information presented by the economic agents to the public institutions and to establish the body responsible for receiving and processing it.

The report will be presented monthly, until the date of 25th of every month to the SFS.