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The CNPM presented its position on introducing the meal vouchers

The National Confederation of Employers considers that the system of meal vouchers has to be clearly regulated in the case in the case that some economic agents want to give it up.

"In the variant presented now, the initiative discriminates the economic agents that have canteens. In this case it might happen that employees would also require meal vouchers" said Vladislav Caminschi, the Executive Director of the CNPM.

The position of CNPM has been presented within the second round of debates on the Bill on meal tickets. At the meeting moderated by the Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu have participated representatives of the authorities and state institutions, of business, trade unions and employers.

Discussions were focused especially on the issuing mode and nominal value of the meal vouchers, how they will be used, etc.

The nominal value of a meal voucher will constitute 45 lei following to be indexed annually. The number of vouchers issued to an employee is equal with the worked days in the previous month and can be used only for food products. These can be used exclusively by the employee and it is forbidden to exchange meal vouchers for money or decrease the salaries.