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Consumers demand for tariff equity

The National Confederation of Employers, representatives of central public authorities, electricity sector, business and civil society have met on June 22, 2017 within a round table with the topic: "Ways to exclude tariff discrimination of consumers connected to high voltage electrical networks".

During the meeting the problem of applying non discriminatorily the new tariff chart on electrical energy.

Events moderator, the High Councilor of the EU in electrical policies for the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Alexandru Sandulescu described essence of the problem.

"Consumers are in the situation to pay a differentiate tariff for the consumption of electricity of same voltage, which creates advantages and disadvantages of the concerned economic agents", said Mr. Sandulescu.

To be mentioned that this issue occurred in the moment of privatization of power transmission lines that included art of transport lines, privatization of which contrasts with any logic being an object of vital importance for the country. The mentioned aspect was not taken into consideration while developing the methodologies of establishment of tariffs on electricity.

The most convenient solution is to return the portions of high voltage electrical networks into state property.

However, participants of the meeting have mentioned the lack of interest from the state side towards this subject and from the side of concerned economic agent.

To the demand of the National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova the problem was reviewed in a wider format by the Competition Council that recognizes its importance and complexity and recommends to create a work group to solve the problems objectives.

At the end of the meeting the interested sides submitted recommendations to the National Agency for Energy Regulation:

-          To treat at the same level consumers connected to the exit ramps of the high voltage distribution network (35, 110 kV) through personal electrical lines as are treated the ones connected to the electrical network of transport.

-          To modify in the shortest period, the decision of the Board of Directors of NAER no 108/2017 from 17.03.2017 aiming on harmonization of tariffs on voltage levels.

The problem stays unsolved and the discussion on this subject will continue until identifying solutions that would be acceptable for everyone.