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Moldova stays one of the priority countries for support from the ILO

During 12-16 June, management of the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova participated at the 106th session of the International Conference of Labor from Geneva - event that gathered representatives of employers, employees as well as delegates of Governments.

Moldovan delegation participated at the negotiation and voting of the budget of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for the following period. The financial resources have to be distributed on regions and Moldova is one of the countries that will benefit of the assistance from the ILO.

"Within the event, the NCEM management held a meeting with Heinz Koller, the regional director for Europe and Central Asia of the International Labor Organization (ILO). We have discussed about the reforms that were implemented in the sphere of social and labor protection in RM. Mr. Heinz Koller has manifested his interest and showed his availability to support RM in promoting right reforms corresponding to the conventions that were previously ratified", said Vladislav Caminschi, the Executive Director of the NCEM.

Within the conference the International Organization of Employers has organized a forum where future jobs were presented. Employers presented their vision on work that will be provided in the future. The impact of robotization and standardization, influence of informational technologies were also mentioned. All these show that the Republic of Moldova also has a direction to follow in elaboration of policies in work relations and in qualifications field.

"It was a major event and we had the possibility to see what are the world trends and where the most developed countries move in labor field", mentioned Vladislav Caminschi.

The Republic of Moldova became member of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 1992. During this period more than 40 conventions have been ratified.