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CNPM supports subsidizing job creation
CNPM welcomes Governments intention to stimulate the countrys economic activity and to create new work places.We recall that recently, the management approved a regulation regarding subsidizing creation of work places. The regulation establishes the mechanism of use the financial means allocated from the state budget to subsidize creation of work places for some categories of persons, citizens of Moldova in order to relaunch the national economy, including the regional development and its adjustment to the conditions of labor market. Thus,
The competitiveness in the national banking environment discussed with BNM
On December 11, 2017 was held the meeting of the management of the National Bank with representatives of the National Confederation of Employers. Its for the second time when the two organizations discuss together he efficiency of the national banking sector in the development of the national economy and the obstacles met by the entrepreneurs when contracting crediting means for their activity.CNPM notes with regret that in the Republic of Moldova the banking sector is insufficiently well developed characterized by
More than 140 of permits were excluded
The number of permits required to conduct activity of an economic agent was considerably reduced. The bill was recently published in the Official Gazette and provides elimination of 140 permits including 18 licences.The National Confederation of Employers has previously insisted, in its position papers, on reduction of the too many permissive acts and control bodies arguing that this favours the informal economy.In view of employers, by elimination of many papers will have a direct effect on business environment, thus will
Who are the economic agents that benefit of preferential funding from the World Bank
On October 24, meeting of the Deputy Minister Octavian Calmîc, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure and Executive Director of the World Bank for Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Netherlands and Ukraine was held according to the information offered on website of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. From the offered information, is confirmed the opening of the World Bank to offer preferential credits with the lowest interest rate in Europe to realize investment
The CNPM supports the provision of services in oncology area and by private institutions
The National Confederation of Employers (CNPM), besides its member - Union of Private Medical and Sanitary Institutions of the Republic of Moldova (UIMSP) through active promotion managed to obtain adoption in first reading of the draft law that foresees demonopolization of the oncological service in the country."At the request of our member we got involved in promotion of the draft law no 411, registered in the Parliament by a group of deputies almost 3 years ago. A legal provision states
The CNPM met with the management of the BNM
On October 2, 2017 representatives of the CNPM with the management of the National Bank of Moldova. Monetary policy is important to promote the economic development of the Republic of Moldova and represent along with economic and budgetary policy, tools of active influence on the pace of development of the national economy.Reasons for the organization of the meeting served the statistical data that characterize the current evolutions of the countrys economy. Thus this year because of interventions of NBM on
The new Labor Code was presented to CNPM members
The National Confederation of Employers presented to its members the draft of the new Labor Code. The document was developed at the request of Pavel Filip, Prime Minster of Moldova."At the beginning of 2017, Pavel Filip has requested to develop Labor Code on the Economic Council platform besides the prime minister. He has requested to the International Finance Corporation to support the effort to develop a new labor code, which will be more liberal and which will meet the business
Business in fight against corruption
"Corruption is one of the biggest issues for the activity of the business environment of Moldova", said Leonid Cerescu, the President of CNPM at the conference: "Fighting Corruption in Moldova: What business can do?" which was held on September 28, at Chisinau.Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul" organized the event.The conference was attended by the representatives of business circles, experts communities, NBA members, NAC, the Economic Council under the Prime Minister that have discussed the risks of corruption
Tax and customs policy – a document disconnected from the development needs of the country
"Although it is of primary importance to ensure conditions of economic growth and creation of a beneficial climate to develop activities by the business sector of the Republic of Moldova. The tax and customs policy is seen as a simple adjustment of the relevant legislation imposed by its need for continuous mechanical improvement. On the other hand, the tax policy represents usually the mechanism of continuous adjustment of the level of public expenditures and the amount of applied taxes in
Environment protection – a responsibility for producers, importers and distributors
On September 6 within a working meeting the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE) presented the new legal framework and launched the dialog between the interested parties to establish the mechanism of implementing the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).Twenty representatives of ministries and unions from the Republic of Moldova including the National Confederation of Employers have attended the meeting.During the meeting, two developed and consulted normative acts will facilitate the mechanism of application mechanism of provisions in
The average salary in dynamic
Evolution of the average salary in national economy is dynamic. Thus, the nominal gross average monthly wages in the 2nd quarter of 2017 - 5636.70 MDL, which demonstrates an increase with 13,2% compared to the 2nd quarter of the last year, in the conditions that the annual inflation rate of 5,9% (wage increase exceeds more than twice the rise in consumer price levels). Growth in the budget sector and the real one is of similar size (13, 2% and respectively
A work visit was held by an ILO expert to the CNPM
During the period 22-23 august Dragan Radic, senior specialist, employers activities, International Labour Organization (ILO) has come on a work visit to the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova (CNPM). During the visit, the expert was informed about the most important activities held by the CNPM during the last period and he came up with some suggestions.The expert states that the CNPM should undertake a thorough monitoring of the legislation and should be more insistent when necessary to put pressure
President of the CNPM participated at the Congress of the CCI
Recently in Chisinau was held Meeting of the Ordinary Congress IV of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where participated 175 delegates, decision makers from Moldova, guests from Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, etc.The agenda of the event included: Presenting the activity of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RM in the period between the 3rd and 4th Congresses (August 17, 2012 - August 10, 2017); approval of some amendments to the Statute of the CCI; approval of the
CNPM is open to accept new members
The National Confederation of Employer of Moldova accepts new companies to become its members.With over 20 years of experience in representing the interests of the business environment within governmental platforms and common negotiations, the CNPM is the organization of business environment that promotes and defends the legitimate interests of its members in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities.CNPM invites business people to associate under the umbrella of the Confederation to be more eloquent in dialogue with
Social partners held a discussion with UN representatives
The National Confederation of Employers of Moldova (CNPM) together with the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova held a meeting with representatives of United Nations Organization (UNO).UNs mission is to consult Government of the Republic of Moldova in the process of adoption of the Agenda 2030 to the national context of our country. Those present also discussed their own objectives and the ones that they are ready to support and promote.George Bouma, team leader, member of Portfolio for Sustainable
Visit of the Tajikistan delegation to the CNPM
A delegation from Tajikistan has visited the National Confederation of Employees on July 19 2017. The visit took place within a project implemented in this country by the International Labour Organization.The meeting aimed on exchange of experience and taking over some practices in the field of social dialogue."We discussed with our colleagues from Tajikistan about the activity of employers organizations: how they develop their activity, what are the objectives. They were interested to find out how objectives of the CNPM
More activities with 12 working hours
Recently the National Confederation of Employees of Moldova has met with social partners in a work group to discuss the proposals of the trade union to modify and complete the collective convention (national level) no 2 "Work and rest hours".The main reason to start these negotiations is the modification of the Amendment to this Convention that foresees a range of activities that allows working during 12 hours, followed by a pause of 24 hours. Trade unions presented a range of
The fiscal and custom policy has been discussed within a meeting
Today, on the 20th of July the fiscal and custom policy has been discussed within a meeting organized by the Ministry of Finance. The meeting aimed on presenting the business project to other interested stakeholders, as well as discussion of their proposals. The meeting started by presenting the key points of the project. Prior to organize this meeting the Ministry of Finance through a request posted on its website established the deadline on the 17th of July for addressing amendments
Law on fiscal policy for 2018 discussed by the CNPM
A work group composed of members of the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova has met today, on the 14th of July in a meeting to discuss the Law on fiscal policy for 2018 proposed for approval by the Ministry of Finance.Every amendment proposed was thoroughly analysed and the appeared proposals will be presented until the 17th of July 2017.The most important stipulations to the fiscal policy for 2018 are the following:-          the economic agents of the small and medium
The CNPM supports the elimination of job record card
The National Confederation of Employers supports the amendment of the law adopted by the Parliament based on which the job record cards will be eliminated and the employers will no more be obliged to present the staffing states by the to the State Labor Inspectorate."The job record card is a document that confirms the professional evolution of the employee, an exchange of information about employers. Previously this document was used to establish social security rights. Now it is no more
The CNPM presented its position on introducing the meal vouchers
The National Confederation of Employers considers that the system of meal vouchers has to be clearly regulated in the case in the case that some economic agents want to give it up."In the variant presented now, the initiative discriminates the economic agents that have canteens. In this case it might happen that employees would also require meal vouchers" said Vladislav Caminschi, the Executive Director of the CNPM.The position of CNPM has been presented within the second round of debates on
Consumers demand for tariff equity
The National Confederation of Employers, representatives of central public authorities, electricity sector, business and civil society have met on June 22, 2017 within a round table with the topic: "Ways to exclude tariff discrimination of consumers connected to high voltage electrical networks".During the meeting the problem of applying non discriminatorily the new tariff chart on electrical energy.Events moderator, the High Councilor of the EU in electrical policies for the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Alexandru Sandulescu described essence of the problem."Consumers
The new modifications of the Labor Code redefine some employees obligations
The cabinet of Ministers has approved a series of modifications and amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova during the meeting held on June 23, 2017. The measure aims to enrich the business sector and investment climate through improving the legislation and redefinition of some employees obligations.Thus, employers will be exempted of the obligation to present to the territorial labor inspection information about staff posts as well as to issue to employees the nominal access permits. At
Moldova stays one of the priority countries for support from the ILO
During 12-16 June, management of the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova participated at the 106th session of the International Conference of Labor from Geneva - event that gathered representatives of employers, employees as well as delegates of Governments.Moldovan delegation participated at the negotiation and voting of the budget of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for the following period. The financial resources have to be distributed on regions and Moldova is one of the countries that will benefit of the
Moldova and Latvia signed two Protocols of economic cooperation
On the 8 of June in Chisinau was held the second meeting of the Joint Cooperation Council in Moldovan-Latvian business organized by the Confederation of Employers of Latvia (LDDK) and the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova (CNPM).The event was held within the third intergovernmental session. The both parties elucidated the results of the meeting of the Joint Cooperation Council in Moldovan-Latvian business created at the initiative of the Confederation of Employers from Latvia and the National Confederation of Employers
Training materials for vocational schools
The National Confederation of Employees of Moldova (CNPM) together with the Ministry of Education and with the support of the Project- Training partnership for craftsmen Kreishandwerkerschaft HersfeldRotenburg developed a set of training materials to ensure Safety and Health at work. The books are for 32 vocational schools and 2 Centres of excellence from Moldova and were donated during a training held on May 30, 2017.The National Confederation of Employees considers that the accidents at work represent an essential aspect of labour
The modifications to the Labour Code were approved by the Government
During the meeting from May 31, the Government has approved the amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Labour Code of the Republic of Moldova. These aim on improving the labour law and ensure the respect of legitimate rights and interests of both parts in labour relation.All the amendments were proposed within a work group created with the participation of Unions, Ministry of Labour and the National Confederation of Employees.According to the amendments, the individual labour contract can
Activity of the NCEM was appreciated within the meeting of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the National Confederation of Employers analysed the results of activity for the first months of this year. The working meeting was held on May 25.Board members appreciated the degree of reaching the established indicators for the concerned period and came with ideas for the next period.Also was highly appreciated activity of NCEM members by the Economic Council of Prime Minister.Leonid Cerescu, president of the Confederation has mentioned that NCEM participates within this Council to promote
Dual education – solution for the labour force market in Moldova
During the period 14-20 of May, Leonid Cerescu, president of the National Confederation of Employers participated at a study visit on the topic of organization and development of dual education in Germany, organized within the project "Structural reform in the Technical Vocational Education in the Republic of Moldova".Within this visit have been discussed subjects related to: labour force policy of Trade Unions in Germany; responsibilities of Chambers of Professional Education; the study of the evolution of the labour market as
Electricity tariffs subject discussed by the Competition Council
On May 25 at the office of Competition Council was held a meeting on the subject of electricity tariffs supplied to final consumers. It is sophisticated to charge electricity consumption, considering that the sector of electricity generation and delivery is a complex one. Thus, the main subject of this meeting was the method itself of tariffs application approved for consumption and supply of electricity and not the amount of mentioned tariffs.The meeting was organized on the request of the National
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